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Our Coffee is imported from all over the world. Choosing your own coffee beans is one of our cafe's defining features. We also continually rotate which beans we have available so you'll never be stuck for a new flavour to try.

A couple of our staples include the ever popular Blue Dragon. An Indonisian bean grown, harvested and roasted on a Komodo Dragon Reserve. The Dragons are all rescues and had a tendancy to move the wild coffee beans around the island to the point that their keepers found the island was becomming overgrown. So their solution was to harvest, roast and sell on the beans to help pay for the care and maintenance of the reserve.

We also have a Kenyan Masia bean. This coffee is harvested and roasted by just 3 Masai tribes and is only allowed to be called a Masai blend if prepared by these tribes in the traditional ways.

Our Caramel Fudge Twist is another constant on our menu. A very sweet, flavoured bean that is simply irresistable in a Latte or Mocha.

Other flavours have included the likes of Chocolate Cherry, Amaretto, Marshmallow, Spiced Rum and Maple Walnut. All really tasty flavoured beans that add a little something extra to your coffee without the need for sugary syrups or sweetners. 

We offer a wide variety of loose leaf teas, for those who like a more mellow caffeine fix. We have everything from a classically elegant Cream Earl Grey, to a sumptuous Turkish Delight rose blend, to a warming Marzipan Rooibus and a decedant Mint Chocolate blend that is sure to satisfy even the biggest sweet craving. 

Our Japan Sencha Green Tea is some of the most popular tea in China and Japan, as depending upon when and where it is harvested, the flavour changes. Our Sencha is from the first flush of the year (Shincha or "New Tea"), and is considered to be the most delicious due to it's high amino acid concentration and very low catechin concentration. 

Our Turkish Delight rose blend is a versatile tea that can be enjoyed black, with milk or latted to perfection as an equisite creamy treat. Both the Marzipan and the Mint Chocolate teas can be enjoyed with or without milk, but are delectable with cream if you're looking for a touch of excess. 

We rotate our stock of teas, so we always have new and exciting teas and fruit infusions for you to try and fall in love with. Ask for a recommendation if you're unsure, we'll be happy to tell you the best way to experience every tea available. 


Our menu mainly consists of "light bites", such as sandwiches, toasties, hot dogs and nachos with a variety of toppings and sauces to accompany each.

Our Gamer's Platters are an excellent way to sample a variety of dishes in an affordable way.

We are constantly adapting and rejouvenating our menu to offer our customers the freshest and best tasting products. We love feedback and new menu ideas, as this helps keep our menu in line with what our customers want.

We have sweet and savoury options, that are always a big hit, so come over and try them for yourself. 

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