Colonel Catachan

Games Workshop are very kindly giving every independant retailer like us a single copy of this model! He will not be available for sale anywhere else making him one of the most limited edition models GW have ever produced!
Now we know many stores are selling to the highest bidder, but at Game On we're going to give him away to one lucky customer!

To be in with a chance of winning, there are multiple things you can do to help support us during these very unique and difficult times. Each time you do one of the following things, you will get a ticket to a raffle that will be drawn at a time of our choosing. (Hopefully on our birthday in August, social distancing measures allowing or two months from opening). First prize will be Colonel Catachan himself and we'll be adding more prizes as we get more entries to the raffle!
Here's how to get your tickets:

  • Come in store and play with or paint any Games Workshop product. (Valid for 1 ticket per visit)

  • Become a Store Champion*. (Valid for 5 tickets)

  • Share our Facebook page to your wall and send us the screenshot. (Valid for 1 ticket per customer)

  • Make a Games Workshop purchase of over £15 on our website or in store. (Valid for 1 ticket per purchase)

    *Becoming a Store Champion:
    If during the time between us re-opening and the raffle being drawn you have brought a group of friends in to play with or paint GW miniatures 3 or more times, you will automatically earn this reward.
    It will also be given to anyone who uses our Facebook group or Discord server to plan and promote an event that runs in store. (This can be anything from a 40k tournament to a Blood Bowl League)
    Finally, you can become a Store Champion by offering your time to teach new players how to play or paint their miniatures, at a time and date of your choosing. We will promote this on our social media platforms.


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