Food Menu

Most of our menu can be adapted for those with special dietry requirements, catering for those with allergies or who enjoy a vegitarion/vegan diet. We use regular milk and Almond milk is available on request.

Our menu changes between summer and winter and we are always trying new dishes to keep our menu fresh and exciting.

Our fillings can be found at the bottom of the menu and you can add extra fillings to any of our dishes for 50p each.

Filling Options

Ham, Chicken, Bacon, Chorizo, Vegan Sausage, Mushrooms, Peppers, Jalapenos, Sweetcorn, Pineapple, Beetroot, Halloumi, Cheese, Crispy Onions.

Sandwich/Toastie £2/2.50
Made with thick bloomer loaf and any two fillings.

Pizza Wrap £3 (go large for an extra £2)
A tortilla wrap filled and toasted with a tomato or barbeque base, cheese and any two fillings.

Hot Dogs £2
Mega Dogs £3
A pair of dogs in brioche finger buns with a choice of sauce.
Mega Dogs are also topped with cheese and a choice of filling. Bacon or Chorizo is a firm favourite!

Gamers Platter £5
A sandwich or toastie, one hot dog and a portion of cheese topped nachos and sauces.

Regular Menu

Winter Menu

Burrito £4
Two tortilla wraps rolled together and filled with rice, mixed beans, chicken and chorizo. Served with a choice of sauce.

Quesadilla £3.50
Chicken, peppers, onion, rice and salsa toasted in a tortilla wrap with cheese.

Nachos for one £3
Nachos for two £4.50
Tortilla chips smothered in cheese and served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole. Add a topping for 50p

Mexican Platter £6
A single wrap burrito, a full quesadilla and a portion of cheese topped nachos.

Soup £2.50
Served with two slices of thick sliced bloomer loaf.

Soup and a sandwich £3.50
Upgrade your sandwich to a toastie for 50p

Curry and rice £3

Hot or mild chicken curry served with a generous portion of mexican or pilau rice.

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