Games Nights

We have a library of games customers are welcome to come in and use at any time – but we have specific late night openings for people to come and play, usually with a particular event or theme.

We have a £1 cover charge on our evenings for standard gaming or you can attend for free by joining our membership club*. 


Wednesday Nights

Wednesday is our primary night for just good, old fashioned gaming. Anything goes. You can either come along looking to join a group to play, or you can come with friends and grab a table. There are also some Magic: The Gathering (MTG) players that join us on a Wednesday.
Open from 5pm-10pm for games night.

Check out our Facebook for more information. 


Saturday Nights

We’re open from 5pm-10pm for gaming. We usually run our MTG (Magic: The Gathering) commander (or EDH) league upstairs on a Saturday night. Downstairs is free to play whatever you want.

Check out our Facebook for more information. 



We’re open from 11am-3pm with downstairs saved for D&D and general card games. Upstairs is normally available for casual gaming. Including tutorials in everything from Magic: The Gathering to board games such as Pandemic, Ticket to Ride or Terraforming Mars. We also run a blood bowl league during these sessions.

Check out our Facebook for more information. 



Join the community!

If you have a Facebook account, you might be interested in joining our groups to keep up with various games and events: you can find the groups on our facebook page here.


*Our membership is a monthly payment of £5 which entitles you to special discounts within the store and in other local small businesses around the area. It also means that you can attend any number of gaming nights every month (and game throughout the rest of the week) without paying the £1 cover charge every time you come in to use the space. 

Contact Us

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