What Came First?

Description from Big Potato HQ:


Flush toilet or stop sign, mayo or ketchup, The Statue of Liberty or The Eiffel Tower… reckon you know which came first? Then it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

The more you wager, the more you win and the faster you move around the track – but get it wrong and you’ll be heading backwards in a hurry. The first team to cross the finish line, wins!


How it works:


Start at the beginning


Start by splitting up into teams of two or more. Place the board and Question Cards in the middle of the table and add a playing piece for each team. Hand each team three betting pieces of the same colour and one Time Token.

Each Time Token has a different effect when it gets landed on. Teams secretly look at their Time Token, then place it anywhere they want on the track, face down.


KFC or Bruce Lee?


On each Question Card, there are two well-known subjects. Your mission is to figure out which came first, then place one, two or all three of your chips on one of the sides.

When everyone’s placed their bets, turn over the card to reveal the answer. If you got it right, move your playing piece forward 1, 2 or 3 spaces (depending on how many chips you bet). If you got it wrong, you move backwards the same amount.


Feeling lucky?


If you’re feeling very confident, you can place one chip on the ‘Year’ circle and take a guess at the exact year. You have to shout it out before the card gets flipped, but get it right and you’ll gain five extra points.

After the pieces have moved, it’s time for the next Question Card. The first team to eventually reach the finish, wins!


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